A well written CV is an investment for YOUR future and should be viewed as your sales and marketing document – An effective Curriculum Vitae is so much more than simply information and career history !  Take action today and find out how your Curriculum Vitae Now can significantly improve your career prospects.

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Our CV service is aimed towards a low volume, high quality output providing excellent value. This service includes:

  1. Telephone consultation before we start writing your new documents.
  2. A New CV written for you based on the telephone consultation and information provided.
  3. 100% Satisfaction guarantee with no time restraints.
  4. Fast turnaround of between three and five days.
  5. CV Guide – Extensive help and questions to prepare you for interview.
  6. Cover Letter Guide – Ideal for future reference, step by step instructions and letter sample.
  7. Role Prospecting and Interview Guide – Useful answers and techniques
  8. How to Resign Guide – Step by step, insights and resignation letter sample.

CV Writing Services

Our CV writing service dramatially improves your existing CV. Your documents will be written by a professional CV Writer who understands the complete recruitment process and what employers are looking for in a quality CV. Curriculum Vitae provides a telephone consultancy as standard in all CV writing services to ensure your document truly retains its individual character, new important information and strongly relates to your commercial achievements.

Curriculum Vitae Now specialise in four main types of CV writing. When you require expert guidance call on us to help you. All our CV writing services include a telephone consultancy which we find is a prerequisite to writing an effective curriculum vitae.

  • Graduate – Ideal for new graduates or for first time job seekers that seek their first job; The Graduate package focuses on exam results, course modules and project work.  We highlight your areas of expertise including personal skills such as research, planning, analytical, organisational, presentational and time management skills; and  include insights into your personality, approach, attitude, determination and enthusiasm. We know what recruiters and hiring managers look for within a great Curriculum Vitae –  Maximise your chances!
  • Professional- Focusing on your strengths; either the qualification(s), training or your most relevant career experience. Our CV writers will convey the scope of your skills and relevant experience, including market sector, work environment, special roles and projects, highlighting initiatives and positive results that are relevant.  We’ll  include key competencies such as self-initiative, confidence, interpersonal skills, professional attitude, ability to influence, analytical tendency and conceptual thinking, relationship building, change management and the ability to handle pressure and your consistency of performance. The Professional package is ideal if you have had several or even many positions and need to ensure you are not seen as a “job hopper” but as a career focused individual, or to be moving to a new career channel.
  • Management- The focus of the Management package is directed to your career and your accomplishments. We capture the full scope of your skills and experience, career progression, specialist area of expertise, business strategy, decision-making, leadership style, your sector, working environment – and your key contributions in terms of revenue building, efficiency and effectiveness. Included within your document will be key competencies such as initiative, confidence, interpersonal skill, ability to influence, analytical and conceptual thinking, relationship building, management of change, ability to handle pressure and consistency of performance.
  • Executive- It is likely that the focus at this level will be on your most recent roles, however we ensure that your career progression is prevailing; your refined document will reflect your management style, corporate and business strategy, market sector, geographical scope and organisational environment. Further information may include key contributions in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, economy, ROI, revenue growth, company restructure, new initiatives, culture and organisational change.  Normally we also include, key competencies such as  initiative, confidence, leadership style, interpersonal skill, ability to influence, analytical and conceptual thinking, relationship building, management of change, ability to handle pressure and consistency of performance.

Free CV Assessment

Curriculum Vitae Now invites you to send us your existing CV to us. We provide an honest review of your documents and can advise you by email or telephone the major positives and negatives to allow you to decide if we are capable of assisting you with your requirements and to help you achieve your career objectives.