Submitting a CV without a Cover Letter may be compared to riding a motorbike without a helmet! It’s not best practise and actually quite dangerous! You rely on the the ability of the recruiter or hiring manager to determine why you have applied for their position.

CVs typically include factual rather than emotional information and it can be extremely difficult to inlcude motive, reasons for leaving jobs and how you have successfully grown as a professional without diluting impact.  Where as a Cover Letter is a perfect opportunity to provide pivotal information to swing the odds to your favour.

At Curriculum Vitae we do not provide a cover letter template but create a custom document which works with your CV and is bespoke to your career and job seeking goal. Choose from our two recommended services:

Specific Cover Letter
When you are applying for a specfic role you have a huge advantage through using the job advertisment to carefully include evidence and persuasive suggestions that YOU are the best fitting candidate for the job. At we write your letter based on the job advert / specification and your CV making the documents seamless, culminating in your application being seen as a high value prospect who closely matches their requirements, values and expectations. Read more or Order.

Speculative Cover Letter
There are times when you may want to send your CV to a company before they advertise, it may be that you are aware of a forthcoming vacancy or that the company does not advertise publically for its key positions; this is where a speculative cover letter will explain why you are sending your CV on spec and how you are the rarity who must not slip by. We excel at Cover Letter writing and through our experience as recruiters can convey the value of a commercially experienced candidate who is taking initiative through an exploratory CV Submission. Read more or Order.

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