Many jobseekers have more than sufficient information to produce a top percentile CV but lack writing experience and knowledge to publish their experience and value.

The CV and Job Interview Guidance Service shares knowledge which allows you to transform your CV yourself.

Essentially, this service tells you where and what to write in your CV coupled with written strategies for jobseeking, interviews and resigning so you can accept the best offers and become the candidate of choice!

– Our CV Consultants will spend up to one hour reading your CV to uncover issues at hand.
– We provide written advice  telling you want to remove, edit or add to your CV.
– Recommendations given for design and layout.
– Job Seeking guide; which jobs to apply for, which job adverts to disregard, how to improve your ratio and more!
– Interview guide including strategies, learn the process and avoid nasty interview surprises.
– How to Resign guide, ensure you get the best reference, manage your ex-employer.

 After ordering the service your CV Consultant will read your existing document and provide written notes to allow you to update your own CV; transforming it from average to a compelling document which wins interviews and job offers.

– Choose this service if you want a quick turnaround in 24-48 hours.
– Learn advanced job seeking techniques, pre and post interview and resignation strategy.
– Require a low cost option still accessing experienced consultants.
– Choose this service if you want affordable assistance from highly experienced CV writers with recruitment backgrounds.

CV and Job Interview Guidance £79.

Service Benefits 

We have found no other CV writing company in the UK who are willing to empower their clients like we do; through this service not only will you be able to see ‘first hand’ what edits are required but also upskill yourself with the complete 360 of job seeking through our premium guides for jobseeking (prospecting), interviewing and how to resign correctly so you may protect future reference requirements.

Our service is popular as it provides more control to the jobseeker, reducing waiting time and most importantly providing a real opportunity to upskill abilities for writing a CV, submitting and taking control of the job seeking process.

Currently, this service is priced at just £79. We highly recommend the The CV and Job Interview Guidance Service to jobseekers who want to take control, gain access to professional advice and learn how to finally win the job interview and become the candidate of choice.

Once you have purchased please submit your existing CV to us.

CV and Job Interview Guidance £79

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